Tuesday, March 18, 2008

River Walk, San Antonio

Our first night in San Antonio, we went to a dinner theatre... on the Army base! I didn't even realize we were going to be on the base--I thought Fort Sam Houston was another part of the city, like Hollywood Park or King William (that's where we're staying). Well, the play was "Visit to a Small Planet," by Gore Vidal and the acting was about as ambitious as the dinner. No, it wasn't bad. In fact, my thirteen-year-old really enjoyed it, but Bill fell asleep! In the cast, there were two really good actors: the alien and the cat. I'm not kidding, that cat was the most mellow feline I've ever seen.
Yesterday we visited the Alamo. You can't go sight-seeing in San Antonio and skip the Alamo! Really, the big attraction is the chapel. Attached is a small museum where you can see some of Crockett's belongings as well as other weapons used to defend the Alamo. Much of the original compound is under the street now.
Then we went on the Riverwalk. It's lower than street level and bounded by business after business: some were offices, but it seemed that most of the area was restaurants, shops, and hotels. Little surprise there: it's absolutely lovely. You can see the trees and bridges in these pics. Also, there are little stages right on the banks: pictures below is a Mexican dancing troupe celebrating--of all things! St. Patrick's day!
That night we went to dinner at Azuca right on the banks. We made a dinner right out of appetizers: queso flamiado (baked cheese with amazing freshly made tortillas), ensalada (salad with baby greens and avocado and goat cheese), shrimp nachos, ceviche (marinated fish served cold), oysters, weird enchiladas with cheese and corn fungus, and delicious beef skewers. We even had leftover beef to take home. Also, I had a glass of Pinot Grigio that was light and fruity and went perfectly with the dinner.

Next time: Six Flags Fiesta!


MOM said...

Congrats on getting your travel blog up. Is the "Great Feathered Mouse"- Euro Disney or something you found in the toilet at Sabino Canyon?

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