Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Our tour of Montmarte (the artsy area!) started in Pigalle (the red light district). That should have been a warning. Frank, our guide, tended to take on the flavor of whatever area he was in: when we were in the literary district he was scholarly, when we were in the Van Gogh's neighborhood he was weird and dark, and we started with a cemetery ... a cool cemetery, populated by cats, but still a cemetery.

Frank moved fast and told us little that we did not already know. So, after we saw the Great Feathered Mouse, we let ourselves get separated from the group. (Oopsie!)

We found a street creperie. (yum!) Bill and Erica shared a crepe with hazelnut and chocolate... okay, Bill snagged a bite when Erica wasn't looking.

Fortified, we climbed up to Sacre Couer. The mount was beautiful, bright, and cold. And totally worth it! I'll bet we had loads more fun than the people Frank didn't lose.

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