Friday, November 23, 2007

Smart Cows

This is the courtyard by our room--pretty, huh? So nice to walk in to see that fountain playing.

Our first day was Sunday. We arrived in time for the intermediate lesson. Desiree had a great lesson and thought she might pass the loping test the following day. Erica had a good lesson, and Bill rode Sandy, who only wanted to RUN!

THE MOST TALKED-ABOUT RANCH RULE: you cannot lope (that's a slow-ish run for the greenhorns out there) until you have passed the dreaded Lope Test. People actually group themselves into Lopers and Walkers! No Wacky Snider made it into the Loper category this trip, but Bill probably would have if he had tested.

On our last day, a group penning event was planned. Teams of five guests on horseback were grouped: Bill and Erica on one team, Desiree on another--much better for picture taking! Then each team was sent into the arena to corral one of the seven wild cows brought in for the event. Apparently the cows had studied the techniques better than we did, because not one of seven cows was ever penned!

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